Debian on C750 screenshots

Fixed that silly layout!

DFM, Stella, & Icewm

The filemanager is dfm, the window manager is icewm, and the app in the foreground is stella running Space invaders.


xfm, a spartan filemanager.
The apps launcher is GUI configurable.


Commodore 64 emulator.
Downloaded from ZSI.
Runs quite fast

Macintosh Enulation

BasiliskII emulating a system 7 mac.
The Mac's OS and the apps shown occupy about 12MB.
Speed is tolerable, but only very old Mac apps are usable.

Sample Photo 8

Sample Photo 10

Links Browser in Graphical Mode
Slow startup, but nice speed once running.

Sample Photo 12


DosBox finally working on zaurus!!! Speed is fair, but ultima 4 is playable.

Easy package management with apt-get. The menus are automatically updated, so no rc file editing!